Q01.What are the currently clinical comparisons units in global?
Taiwan: Chung Shan Medical University Hospital 

               Lin shin Hospital

               Lee's Woman Hospital 

               Min Sheng Hospital

               Taipei Veterans General Hospital.

USA:   Cleveland Clinic.

 Also, Italy Ecofoodfertility and Stanford University for different clinical projects.

Q02.How much does the sample apply onto the test area by a pipette?
We will recommend the user to apply 0.04mL onto the drip area of the cassette for the test.

Q03.Does the sample have to be liquefied before test? What if the sample did not liquefy in 30 minutes?
According to WHO 5th recommended  the sample has to be completely liquefied in one hour. You can place the sample in an incubator and set at 37℃ wait for 30 minutes. If you do not have an incubator, please place the sample on any flat surface and wait for 30minutes. After 30 minutes, please check the sample if it is liquefied or not. 

Q04.How to evaluate the semen morphology and acrosome without staining?
Our analyzer can evaluate every sperms under the camera view field. Our method is to take a high resolution photo under the 10X10 grids view field.  And then we will calculate the size and shape for each sperm from head to tail. Our algorithm will sum up the size of each sperm and make the average for the size of head, width, perimeter, area, and tail length to get the result for PDF file. Besides, we will match the size of each sperm to the WHO 5th or Kruger’s criteria. If it is matched, our algorithm will consider it is normal and calculate the percentage as Total Morphology value. In the contrast, it will be abnormal.  

Q05.How does the algorithme distinguish each part of the sperm for morphology?
It based on the Kruger criteria, and our algorithme it built the data base to evaluate the morphology is normal or abnormal.

Q06.How do I know if it caculates 200 sperm of the sample?
According to WHO 5th recommended to calculate at least 200 sperm for motility and morphology. If concentration value is over >20M/mL, it means is over 200 sperm calculated. If it is lower than 20M/mL, it means the analyzer calculate all of the view field.

Q07.How to confirm the accuracy of the result?
According to WHO 5th's recommendation , there is a reasonable difference acceptable range for the sampling and test. Please refer to WHO 5th Table 2-5, 2.8.5 example for concentration, Table 2-1, 2.5.3 example for motility, and Table 2-1, 2.17.2 example for morphology. If it is out of the acceptable range, there may be sampling error. If recommended to redo the sampling and test.